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Heiko Kortlang

a nice feature will be a feedback system of the real state of charges of a tour. Our route planer could learned the SoC. I planed a tour with my BMW iX3, abrp shows for the first charge point 28% SoC, the car has 50%. abrp has 5 charges, my BMW only 3 Stops.


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Hi Heiko,

Thank you for the suggestion!

A quick reflection on your experience; in this case I'd say it would help you to either link your car to provide ABRP with data and obtain a calibrated reference consumption value, or to lower the reference consumption value manually.

Currently we still include a bit of margin for our vehicle models which is why non-connected users may find our predictions pessimistic - but we'd rather keep you on the safe side than have you end up stranded and out of juice.

More information on live data; www.iternio.com/faq?questionId=3a09ec83-b85f-4834-b194-30bb3ae55904&appDefId=14c92d28-031e-7910-c9a8-a670011e062d