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David Grenland

Would love if your app would integrate with my Tesla to grab real-time data on consumption, current charge, and driving style. Link via account log on.


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Hi David,

This has actually been possible since the very beginning of A Better Routeplanner :)

Here's how:

1. In the iOS or Android app: Go into: Settings (Advanced) > Car model (click the selected car right below ‘Plan settings’
2. Click the button ‘Select a new car’ at the bottom of the list
3. Specify the vehicle model
4. Now, when the correct model is selected, click it once more in the list of settings
5. Right below the named vehicle model you’ll see three buttons; ‘Edit settings’, ‘Live data’ and ‘Save’. You can either directly click ‘Live data’ and we’ll ask you to save the car or first save it by clicking ‘Save’.
6. Now, when you’ve got a saved vehicle we’ll present you the available linking options for the selected vehicle model. This menu can also be accessed by clicking ‘Edit settings’. Select the linking option ‘MyTesla’ and follow the instructions.




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Randolph Cohen

It does. You need to connect your tesla account with your ABRP profile.