Optimize for charging with lower SoC

Angel Martell

Sometimes ABRP suggests plans with a charging session of, say 70% to 80% in order to reach your destination with a given SoC, for example 40%. Wouldn't it be more optimal if instead of that charging session, another where we charge from for example 35% to 45% and closer to the destination was suggested?


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Hi Angel,

What we suggest (including alternatives) will always depend on the available chargers along the route as well as your settings and vehicle model but in short I'd say it should already be possible for you to set settings making us suggest stops as described above.

I'd suggest to take a look at these settings:

- Charging stops
- Battery > Destination arrival SoC
- Battery > Charger arrival SoC

(You'll find the two latter ones by enabling 'advanced settings')

Feel free to link the existing plan if you'd like me to have a look at it. You may generate a link to the plan by clicking: share > share ABRP link