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I suggest two alternatives to using a dongle to read current battery level.

1. My VW ID4 is always connected to a central server. A similar app (Pump) connects directly to the server and reads the battery level without ODB dongle. This works very well.

2. I do not have an OBD dongle. It would be very easy and nice if I could press the battery status symbol (CarPlay) to manually enter the current battery status. It is possible via my phone but I want to use ABRP on CarPlay without taking my phone out.


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Hi, I am using Tronity but often times it is not synced at the minutes / there are some delays, or it is disconnected. Meaning ABRP has wrong SoC. I would love to correct it manually on CarPlay so I get accurate prediction on when to stop charging.



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Hi Thomas,

1. As Krille says it is possible to use Tronity instead of an OBD dongle. There are some differences in what data one may obtain and it varies based on vehicle mode, you may read more at: abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata
In short, we'll leave maintaining all vehicle manufacturers APIs to others such as Tronity who can do it much better, so that we can focus on providing better planning.

2. I'm unsure if we'd be permitted by Apple to implement this but I can see the use for it in cars not using Live data. I'll edit this post slightly so that we can focus on the 2nd request.


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You can... use Tronity (central service), or VWsfriend (more of a DIY project)

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