Arrival time at final destination

Klaus-Dieter Pohl

[iOS/VW ID4/Apple Car Play]
At the bottom left in Apple Car Play I only see the arrival time, duration and distance to the next charge stop. For me, using the car for longer trips, it would be a great improvement if the estimated arrival time is shown additionally (or is this already possible and I`m only not knowing how to make it visible?).
That feature would also give me a clue that abpr has unexpectedly added an additional charge stop as it happened on my last trip.


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Craig Auden

Yes this addition to the AAOS widget would be great too


Jose Antonio Garcia Fernandez

Totally agree. I have proposed something similar so that intermediate destinations are displayed. It would be something similar to what you can see in the following image



Meanwhile (ABRP V4.4.2] there is a toggle button (flag/route symbol) on top of the screen for switching between the arrival time at the destination and the arrival time at the next way point.


Andreas Hase

That is exactly what I need for a perfect APRP experience in my Enyaq! Please add it also for Android Auto.



When implementing this additional display for Apple Car Play, please also do it for Android Auto



Besides showing the ETA for the arrival of the next leg, I would also like a guestimate for the arrival at the last destination of the trip.
E.g. When following the intended schedule, you will arrive in 7 hours and need another 600km to reach the destination.


Johan Hellmark

Merged with: Carplay: Show estimated arrival at final destination


Johan Hellmark

FYI, we are currently discussing how this could be included in the UI.


Johan Hellmark

Status changed to: Investigate


Rick van de Laar

I'd like to create a route (with and without charging stops) with a expected time of arrival. In Waze, this is a nice feature. This way i know when i need to leave from the current location in order to arrive on time to my planned destination.



Merged with: Plan a route with expected arrival time


Orestes Martori

Not only giving us the option for departure time. Give us the option for an arrival time. Waze has this feature. Give us a guesstamation on battery level when leaving.