Apple Maps EV Routing Support via SiriKit


Using SiriKit, iPhone apps can provide Siri with information about a car, including its battery SoC, maximum range and charging status. This information can be used by Apple Maps to provide EV routing information, which would be a good alternative to ABRP's routing information in certain situations.

Since ABRP can collect battery SoC and charging status information via OBD or through an online API, it would be nice if it could provide that information to Siri using SiriKit. This would provide iPhone users another routing option if ABRP's service is not available or not supported in a user's region.

More information about Car integration with SiriKit can be found here: developer.apple.com/documentation/sirikit/car_commands

Thank you.


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Steve Loughran

the apple api looks like a carplay feature which requires the car to provide the information-once that is done it should be possible for ABRP to ask for it fairly easily.

it does depend on the carplay/car integration. Apple have apparently demonstrated apple maps doing EV navigation with Porsche cars, so it is certainly possible-I just don't know the availability of the feature. and the car/phone power struggle gets in the way. Has anyone seen apple maps reporting vehicle charge status?



Hi, I am not a coder, so I would not really know, but this sounds like using Tronity (which is supported by ABRP). So it should not be more difficult? also it would make things easier for us users, who would not have to pay for two services (ABRP and Tronity). Totally support this!



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Hi UnnDunn,

It's an interesting suggestion, but it does face some challenges;

1. ABRP can only read data via OBD over an active Bluetooth connection - which for iOS requires the ABRP app to be actively running.

2. OTA connections usually don't report data frequently enough to be reliable in navigation (but it can vary depending on manufacturer and connection type).