Adjustable Zoom levels

Matti Haack

Auto zoom in the latest beta is a large step. But
zoom levels are in general much to far zoomed out on some screens (eg the Kia wide screen Navi with android auto)
There should be a way to change zoom levels (best configurable zoom Level for speed ranges as on many build in Navi systems)


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Mick Farrar

Is it possible to have step levels of Zoom? Not everything works for everyone, but step levels may make things a bit easier.



Status changed to: User feedback


Francisco Javier Sánchez Muñoz

This is a very annoying thing. Texts reporting the increased time of others routes are too small in my car (Kona), and can't be sure of the turning point very often.



I agree with you that zoom level on ABRP is the worst part of this awesome application. I dont know why they did not implement same zoom level as google maps or any other application out there. I missed several times during a long trip a highway exit (in more complicated highway nodes in Italy) due to wierdo` zoom level and information displayed. No1 needs this level of zoom out......

During the trip I simply disabled and canceled my subscription as it is unberable......and I used google maps and plugshare (not optimal).


Matti Haack