Adding waypoints etc


The current logic for planning a route is very clumsy.

I almost always want / need to plan a route which ultimately ends up back at home.

Logically, when planning a route, a user will normally try to add each stop consecutively, as they will be arrived at along the journey.

With the current implementation, if I do that, the order will be wrong as new waypoints are added above the first one.

I just really think that surely most people are used to the way it works in Google maps, where if you add a stop it adds it beneath the previous one, as if you are writing a list.

I don’t understand why ABRP has to be different to what surely most people are used to.

We still also really need labelling of waypoints (A, B, C, D etc like on Google maps)


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Very reasonable proposals. I have noted them and we will discuss them at our next UI meeting.

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Also - when I tap “add waypoint”, why do I then need to tap on the empty “somewhere along the way” box to get the keyboard to appear - it should just immediately appear, along with the list of pinned and previously used places, as obviously I want to enter a place name at that point.