Your info boxes were covering map

Crispin Hodges

It looks like in my case you often have your info boxes onto of the important bits of the map in CarPlay on a Kia E-niro with wide display This could be because I’m in the UK so drive on the left. Just had a real problem with your system talking about a roundabout that comes straight after the motorway exit where 95% of the important feature was covered up. It is not a great example but I’m attaching a screen image showing my parked up position at Fully Charged show (where it would be nice if you were an exhibitor!) not a major issue in my photo but it does show the black boxes in a crazy position


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Hi Crispin,

It seems like you'd need to change the settings for which side of the road you're driving on. This is possible to change in map settings, which you can access by tapping once on the map, then tapping the cogwheel.

Let me know if this resolves the issue or if we're still having information cover the map!

And yes! We'd love to meet you at some of these EV events, currently, we don't have any visits planned but we are looking into it ;)