Wrong battery state when don't follow the road trip


iPhone with iOS 17.2.1
ABRP iOS 4.7.2 (2572) with CarPlay.
vLinker MC+ Mini Bluetooth OBD II

I planned a trip and followed instructions.
At one moment during the trip, I preferred to take an other road. ABRP tried to adapt and without any reason, the pourcentage increased to the initial value of the trip (more that 1 hour ago)

7:29 PM, I did a driving pause, opened the iOS application on the iPhone, kill the ABRP application and restarted it to get back to the current battery state (see at 7:30 PM, 31%, correct. Not 36% as displayed in the resume of the day).

I saw in the drives view, ABRP didn't logs the whole trips from 51% to 31%, as shared in the screen, even I used ABRP with CarPlay from the 6:30PM.

In General, strange states on the iPhone + CarPlay… I don't know how to fix that. It looks a bug state at the beginning of the strip.

Sorry no debug, just activity ID on founded in the web inspector.



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Status changed to: Investigate