Why is my address not listed?

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Steven Barnhart

Celeste st
Westerville, oh 43081.

It’s my new house and I added it to open street map months ago. I thought this synced with it regularly?


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Hey Steven,
we are not using open street map so unfortunately the address from there will never sync. What you can do is add it to HERE which is our source of addresses. If you go to wego.here.com/ you can signup for an account and right-click on your house then click on the pin that is placed and a window will appear in the top left corner. There you will find an accordion named 'See more info' and when that opens you will find 'Report a map/address error'. If you click that you will get another window in the bottom right corner where you can add your address or report any other problem. HERE verifies your information which unfortunately takes some time so from that you reported your address until it is added there will probably be a month or a few.

As it's your home address there is a solution for you meanwhile. If you on the map zoom in so that you see your house and then right-click on that location (or long-press if on a phone) then you will be able to set that location as your home address. Does not matter that we don't have the actual address in the system. Then when you want to navigate to or from home you can just click it from the two first autosuggestion.

Hope this helped and that you will have your address in the app soon!