Volvo xc40 2023 P8

Francisco Vilhena

I can't store the car. The car it's not in the car list but when I type Volvo on the manual search it appears but after select the model the car disappear unfortunately don't store. I have one Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. I wat to buy the subscription but I can't with this bug. Can you help me. Best regards Francisco Vilhena


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Hi Francisco,

We've checked this and found that on Android, unless the user extends the list of vehicles up to use the entire screen then scrolling of the list is prevented. We'll look into correcting this.

Meanwhile, you may use the drag function to extend the list upwards to view all vehicle brands - or, as you mention simply search for 'Volvo'.

Once you've gone through the selection process and clicked 'done' the vehicle is selected - but not saved. If you want to save the vehicle to keep even if you switch between different vehicle models, you'll be given this option right under the 'selected vehicle' section.

The saved vehicle will not be displayed a 2nd time in the list when it is the selected vehicle but you'll know it is a saved vehicle by us not giving you the option to save it anymore.

Do let us know if you're still experiencing issues.