Unable to select specific ferry route - Cairnryan to Belfast

Stephen Connolly

When planning g a route from Glasgow to Cork, Ireland, the default ferry that is selected is Cairnryan to Larne. The ferry route I want it Cairnryan to Belfast. Even when I click and hold on the Belfast-Cairnryan route and add the ferry it won’t plan to take that route as I think it assumes it goes in the direction from Belfast to Cairnryan instead of the other direction. Ideally you should be able to long click on a ferry and the have the option to select which direction - or the routing should be smart enough to know the direction. You should be going based on start and end of journey.


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Hi Stephen,

This is not caused by the direction of the ferry. OSRM, the routing engine does not accept going past the barriers that have been placed in the harbours of Belfast and Cairnryan for the Belfast-Cairnryan ferry. These barriers are not present in the harbours which the Larne-Cairnryan ferry goes between and therefore it is included in the route instead.

We're looking into better routing engine options.




Status changed to: Investigate