Time calculations went wrong.


I planned a route with ABRP from home to Maçon in France. According to ABRP 898 km. with a driving time of 8.49 hours + 2 hours charging time = 10.49 hours.

I have entered that I will leave at 08.30 with 100%.

If I add the travel/loading time (10.49 hours) to the departure time (8.30) I arrive at a theoretical arrival time of
7:19 p.m.

If I look at the display in ABRP, I see that the 1st part goes to Valenciennes, according to the app a 2 hours and 46 minutes (259 km.) drive. The arrival time is then 11.16 am and ABRP also indicates this neatly.

The loading time there is 29 minutes, so theoretically you will leave at 11.45 am.

On to the 2nd charging location at Champfleur, according to the app 1 hour and 37 minutes (171 km.) drive. The arrival time is then 13:21. However, ABRP indicates 10:07 AM!
It already goes wrong at the departure time at the 1st location (08.30). This is the departure time at home!

I accidentally entered the departure time at the 1st charging point incorrectly. Problem solved!


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Hi wimbre,

Please share a plan to the link so that we may review the settings. You can create a link by clicking: share > share ABRP link




I just have said, there have been some individual settings made for the first stop, the blue pencil icons shows this.
This might be the reason for the strange time.