Still an unwanted preference for superchargers



as a Tesla owner, I still experience an unwanted preference for supercharges when routing with ABRP here in Germany.

Let's take a look at this route:

I have two charging cards enabled: EnelX/EndesaX 200 and Tesla owner price. And I enabled all sorts of plug types (CSS, Tesla, Type 2)

First of all, Enel is cheaper than Tesla, so any compatible Enel stations should generally be preferred, which doesn't happen.

Secondly, ABRP's engine even makes me take detours to charge at Tesla. There are way better charging options down the route with less to no detour and also it always makes sense to charge the battery when the SoC is lower.

Can you please remove any preference for superchargers in combination with Tesla vehicles? I wouldn't need ABRP, if I wanted to use SCs. I'd just use my car's built in navigation.

Thanks for reading, best,


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Hi Matthias,

I just checked your plan, in Germany there are no Enel X chargers, so it does not make so much sense to prefer the Enel X network. Enel X in case of your charger settings means, it will prefer chargers which are built and operated by Enel X directly, which only exist in Italy and some other countries, but not in Germany.

In your charge card settings you have Tesla and Enel X defined, and you prefer the chargers of these cards, which means that Tesla is preferred too. What you could do though is give Tesla a slightly lower priority. then it should really prefer the Enel X roaming network partners.