Settings forgotten (when not logged into ABRP account)

Paul Wolstenholme

ABRP was fine until the recent update but now it keeps forgetting my car (Nissan Leaf 30kWh) and all the advanced settings. Android V10. The current journey is remembered even through a phone reboot. Storage permission was not something I was asked to give but even if I change the android permission to allow it there is no improvement. I didn't need to log in or pay for the advanced features for this previously and there is no warning that this might be necessary. (If I can figure out how to get data from my OVMS I might pay for the extra features anyway).


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Status changed to: Investigate



Hi Paul,

We're currently looking into why settings aren't stored locally when not being logged into an ABRP account.

I would however still suggest to have an account created so that you may access your settings and plans across different devices as well as link a vehicle for live data. Premium is not needed for using live data.