Set speed was 26MPH

John Peters

I could not figure out why the calculated trip times were so long. Almost double what it should be. I tried to set it to 65MPH but it said I needed to up grade. There was no simple way to upgrade. Why not provide a link to upgrade. I had paid $5.00 and thought it was for ABRP but it turned out to be for upvoty


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Hi John,

Manually changing the maximum speed limit does not prompt us to ask you to purchase a subscription. However, 'Real-time traffic' which also is an option under the 'Speed' section, is a feature requiring an active premium subscription or trial. I therefore suspect you might've hit this button instead.

If you're still seeing very long/slow plans, please provide a link to such a plan so that we may have a closer look at it. You may generate a link by clicking; share > share ABRP link

In the web version we do link you directly to a website where we list our premium features and where one may purchase or manage their subscription; abetterrouteplanner.com/premium/

We do not sell any Upvoty products.