Routing is broken near B55/Meschede/Germany, leading to weird detours


I've always wondered why ABRP routes people going north from here through weird detours using really small forest roads avoiding Meschede at all costs instead of going the obvious main road through the town. Here's a plan that shows the problem, if you start and end further out, this section will be avoided entirely: abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=0a013280-d50d-4756-bca2-b61f921faa48

I don't see any obvious problem with the OSM data and Valhalla, OSRM and GraphHopper use the main road just fine. Maybe the ABRP router is broken in weird way and something about this main road triggers an edge case.


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Hi Harald,

This doesn't look like a broken/blocked road but rather a decision made based on traffic data.

I can't see that we're doing it right now, so the traffic data must've changed.

Do you always seem to get the same result (even at different times) or does the data not match reality, if you've driven the route?




Hi Katya,

thanks for the response. Right, I've done two things to test that:

- I turned off live-traffic-data
- I zoomed out a bit and put start and end further apart

The routing algorithm seems to REALLY not want to take the route along the lake.

Image 1 is what we get by default.
Image 2 is what we get when we put a guidepoint by the lake. 2 minutes less, 2% more SoC, that really should have been the route in the first place.
Image 3 is when we move the guidepoint a tad bit further south - now the routing algorithm insists again on absolutely going through the mountains as much as possible, adding two minutes and costing us 2% more SoC.

I'd say, in practice, the two roads are even further apart in time, the one along the lake is a two lane Bundesstraße with 70/100 limits and the one through the mountains is a 1.5 lane backroad with technically a 100 limit, well, see image 4 and 5 for the difference. There really shouldn't be any reason to route along the slower and more energy intensive one.