Reference consumption shows wrong value [significant delay in displayed ref cons value when changed]


Reference consumption shows wrong value 163kWh/km instead of 135. Furthermore, the value dos not change with the car configuration. That was the initial purpose when I created and used a "bike" configuration.


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Hi elChris,

Incorrect calibration would most likely be rooted in too little data / too poor quality data. You may try to have the value reset and restart the calibration process this way; www.iternio.com/faq?questionId=d039f2d7-ee7d-4e26-ade7-bd48f17c4ea3&appDefId=14c92d28-031e-7910-c9a8-a670011e062d

However, it could also be good to know that we'll always use the most recent data so it is also perfectly possible to just keep driving with ABRP active and cycle out the older data.

You will of course also have to ensure that your car is linked. I can see you've previously reported issues with the connection here; abrp.upvoty.com/boards/manage/report-a-bug/live-data-obd2-connection-doesnt-reconnect/ and the vehicle doesn't appear to have been connected for some time. I'll reply to your other post about the connection.

What I can see however is that there's a significant delay in the displayed value changing from the time when a new configuration is selected, several seconds pass before it changes. Thus, it does get calibrated separately and it is different and it does change but with a huge delay. We'll be looking into why this is and have it corrected.




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