Premium connection redirecting to VW instead of Skoda


Using a Skoda Citigoe, the Premium Connection should be compatible, and I am able to click the "Connect with SmartCar" button. However, this redirects me via connect.smartcar.com/oauth/flow
to volkswagen.smartcar.com/oauth/flow
instead of skoda.smartcar.com/oauth/flow
and because of this I'm unable to log in.
Manually changing the address to skoda.smartcar.com/oauth/flow (which might be the wrong thing to do) enables the login for me at smartcar.com, but redirecting back to ABRP, it gets stuck "registering" and never retrieves the car info. The registering state will stay on across devices until I disconnect the Premium connection in ABRP. Other apps (such as the Northe charging app) are able to log in and retrieve the battery state etc. of the same car & Skoda account.


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Status changed to: Investigate