OBD Data is still a little bit broken.


In May 2022, the OBD connection worked flawlessly.
No problems at all - absolutely perfect.

In the meantime, it has gotten worse with each update.
Since the AA ABRP APP was decoupled with the Phone APP, there are some issues that the connection is quite buggy.

Sometimes it shows a connection but nothing is logged.
Sometimes there is no connection at all.
Sometimes when everything is fine and you open the app, the logging stops....
Or if nothing is working and you open the app on your phone, it starts working.
Sometimes it works without any problems....
There is no real correlation here.

I now use a third party OBD logging tool to send the data to ABRP.
This works 100% of the time.

I think this main OBD connection problem is the cause of some of the strange behaviors like SOC jumping or SOC delay or GPS position errors.


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When I use ABOR to collect my data, the rough recording seems fine.
But when I zoom into my tracks, I can clearly see that ABRP is recording GPS from ABOR AND my phone / car.

So now there are 2 different altitude readings because the car and the phone seem to be using different altitude correction.

In addition to that - when a data source seems to be a few seconds behind, the log shows not only this altitude curve, but also position errors like small loops in the log.

Could it be that there is still a problem here with 2 gps data sources?
Wouldn't it be good to use the AA gps data for navigation but NOT transmit it to the server IF there is already current BLE-OBD / ABOR data?

The routes are logged correctly with ABOR without loops or strange altitude jumps if you don't start ABRP in AA.

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