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Kent Bossange

I purchased an OBD last summer and it worked great with the app. Took a 300+ mile trip thru the mountains and it helped forecast actual range. Really appreciated ABR using the data. This past week I could not even connect to my OBD: too many clue tooth addresses displayed. You need to show more information than just the address. My cell phone easily finds more than a dozen bluetooth addresses.
And once connected to a specific address the App should reconnect automatically the next time.


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Hi Kent,

I've moved this post to the bug board since it is not a request for supporting a new vehicle model.

Regarding the many devices displayed, we recently unlocked so that users could connect to devices which we previously haven't approved - meaning we will need to list more devices. The data we get about them unfortunately isn't more specific than this.

If the connection is interrupted, we advise you to perform a reset as described here in our FAQ; www.iternio.com/faq?questionId=1287d48e-484b-46b0-ae5a-ab1f632f2287&appDefId=14c92d28-031e-7910-c9a8-a670011e062d

Should it still not work for you, please specify;

OBD device model
Vehicle model
Phone/tablet model
ABRP app version (can be found at the bottom of the settings menu).




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