Navigation speak half in italian and half in english

Luca Boraschi

When you have choose italian language and there is a roundabout or highway the indication of the number of the exit or the indication number of exit are in english,but the other part of the phrase is in the selected italian language (i.e. "spostati leggermente a destra e prendi la exit number 17", or "alla rotonda prendi la third exit and continua dritto lungo la via emilia"). All of the other routing indication appear correct (in italian). These issue result very funny, but inconfortable!


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Hi Luca,

This is likely not a bug but rather just some missing translation strings for the Italian translation file.

It is possible to contribute as a user, you'll find the italian file here; github.com/Iternio-Planning-AB/abrp-translations/blob/master/it.json

Instructions; github.com/Iternio-Planning-AB/abrp-translations/blob/master/README.md