Live data stopped working with OBDLink CX on a BMW i3

Keith Gable

I’ve pushed the report bug button as well as have this ID:


Previous to me disconnecting and reconnecting (which it won’t do anymore), I was getting wild SoC numbers and a battery degradation of 97%. SoC was actually 80% and below but it bounced around 90% to 75% to 98% seemingly without logic.


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I have the same issue. But it doesn’t matter whether I am using a VGate BLE OBD Dongle or a OBDLink CX.

After longer drives (over 2 hrs) the BMS doesn’t seem to respond to the OBD dongle anymore. Then also the MyBMW app shows false data like 1300 % SoC and stale charge status data. The guess-o-meter and SoC status is still shown correct in the digital instrument cluster though.

So my theory is, that either a gateway in between the BMS and the OBD port or the BMS itself is rate limiting the requests to the BMS for certain devices. It also could have implemented do some sort exponential backoff - since I have noticed that the car recovers more quickly when I pull the OBD dongle directly instead of letting it sit for longer.

My observations regarding recovery time:
- pulled plug immediately when this situation occurred -> car restores after an hour of driving and restart of the car.
- Letting it sit for 6 hours driving -> OBD and MyBMW app data was garbled until the next morning

I also observed that the issue is occurring more quickly during the more recent versions. In March 2022 I was driving from Berlin to Oslo and when I barely arrived Copenhagen before the OBD connection gave out wonky data. Now in the recent versions I was driving through the country and the OBD connection started to misbehave after 150 km of driving. So if the polling was made more frequent in those updates, this maybe would support my theory about the i3 rate limiting on the OBD port.



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