ID.3 Pure shows underestimated SoC


On ID.3 Pure 45kWh the SoC provided by ABRP is underestimated with respect to the real one of about 10%.

For example, if the car shows 100%, ABRP shows 90%.
If the car shows 76%, the app shows 68%.
I'm using the latest ABRP version (4.5.0 iOS)

There was a similar issue here abrp.upvoty.com/b/report-a-bug/bmw-i3-shows-wrong-live-soc/ that is marked as DONE but in reality is not, therefore I'm opening a new one.


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Does it still show the wrong number? Right now it says 68% from your car and in the app when the automatic settings is turned on.



Yes, it is still showing the wrong number.

ABRP shows always a number 10% lower than what the car shows.


Jaro B


I can confirm this issue with ABRP reading values via OBD on ID.3 Pure.

Actual behavior is, that at 100% charge it shows in ABRP 90%. When discharging the car, the difference continuously reduces. At 50% charge, ABRP shows 45%, and I believe at 0% it would show proper 0% - though I never got to this point.

It seems like if ABRP works in range of 0-90% while car works in range 0-100%. This is causing an issue in estimations and possibly in consumption calculation, because those 45kWh (0-100% car range) are fully available in ABRP range 0-90%.

Note that 90% is a real value from BMS when car shows 100%. This is because ID.3 Pure version has a huge buffer zone - 45kWh net, 55kWh gross battery size.

Also note that in ID.4 Pure which uses the same 55kWh battery, there is 52kWh net capacity (compared to 45kWh of ID.3 Pure). So I believe ID.4 Pure would not have this issue as it does not seem to have this top buffer zone.

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