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Christoph Seewald

Since my re-activation and new download of ABRP in May 2023, there is no voice guidance but whenever there should be a voice to give instructions, I can only hear a horrible noice. It took me a while to understand that this were the ABRP announcements. It happens on the phone itself (Samsung Galax Notes 8 SM-N950F). The operating system of the smart phone is Android 9.
All other apps which are used on this smart phone and do use some speach output are working well and I can clearly hear and understand what speakers are saying.


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Hi Christoph,

please check the TTS settings, we try to use the Google TTS speech engine, but some phones have their own installed and that sometimes result in weird behaviour. First check that google tts is installed and on latest version:

If it is installed please check that it is also selected in Android settings:
Settings -> System -> Languages and Input -> Speech Output -> Preferred Module

That one should be set to Speechrecognition and Synthesis from Google

When you click on the Cogwheel, you will also see an option to Download speech Data, please check that your langiuage is installed. Maybe also remove it and install it again, maybe it was corrupted.

Please let us know if that helps.



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Hi Christoph
Which language do you use for voice guidance?