GPS lag on AA with Nothing Phone 1

Sjoerd N

When using ABRP on Android Auto the location info is not updated unless the phone is unlocked and the ABRP app is started manually on the phone. GPS works fine for a few minutes until the screen goes off automatically. From this point there is lagging on GPS signal witch becomes progressively worse. After a few minutes there is no GPS signal anymore. When the phone is unlocked once more the GPS signal is back for a few moments, then the whole story repeats.

Battery saving is disabled.
App version 4.3.3
Nothing Phone 1
Nothing OS 1.1.7
Android version 12


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when your phone is connected to the car it should use the car GPS if it has data. Your problem however sounds like the app thinks it is in background and thus throttles GPS requests to a minimum until it stops. This sounds like battery optimization is running, but you said it is turned off. So not sure what else could cause this situation... Is there maybe a setting somewhere that restricts running the app in background?