Freze if you are on park off road

Jerry Ev6

System freeze to plan trip even if your are 10 meters from the road
2) kia ev6 not possible to have 130km consumption
3) on android auto once have you asked destination by vocal then if you ask to add waypoint destination doea not work


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Hi Jerry,

(Moving forward please make one report per issue)

1. Starting from a location 10 m from the location we think you should be at should not result in the app freezing. Do you get the message 'you are not on the route' or similar?

2. If you feel the calibrated reference consumption is inaccurate you may reset and restart the calibration. You may find this option in the settings for your vehicle.

3. We're now on 4.2.12, could you confirm if this is still an issue when adding waypoints by voice input?