Fisker Ocean Extreme range

Andrea Magrini

Please check the range settings on this car - the planner doesn't seem to maximise on its long range


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Hi Andrea,

The Fisker Ocean Extreme has the same battery capacity as the One and the Ultra but is rated slightly less efficient than both of them.

All of the Fisker models are still carrying the 'alpha' label as they are entirely modeled on the manufacturers specs due to there being no way for us to read live data from these vehicles at the moment.

If you have a certain plan that you've driven in reality feel free to post the link to it here, comparing the arrival SoC's.

Besides this I can recommend to take a look at settings for 'speed' as, if your plan settings specify a higher speed than you drive in reality - we'll overestimate the consumption. It is also possible for users themselves to lower the default reference consumption value to better match their driving style.