Displaying OBD data in Android Auto

Ron Facciol

My vehicle is an EV6 long range RWD. My phone is a Samsung S10. I am subscribed to ABRP premium, and I am currently using a CarSiFi adaptor to get wireless Android Auto on my vehicle.
I find that to get the display of OBD data on the Android auto screen, I have to open and run ABRP on my phone as well. If ABRP is not running on the phone, then the OBD data and the roadside speed limit do not display on Android auto.
I have updated all my firmware - running Android 12, with a security patch level dated Oct 1 2022. The problem occurs regardless of whether I use wireless AA or wired AA.
My ABRP version is 4.2.12


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Problem still exists with ABRP ver 4.3 :-(


Scott Hilleard

I have a Galaxy S22 and have found it aggressively kills background apps (even if you try to override that in the app power management settings) - I have to leave ABRP in the foreground with screen on when using Android Auto to avoid issues. Unrelated to ABRP, but I also use the YouTube app to control YouTube on my TV and found the Galaxy S22 frequently kills the YouTube app losing my running playlist if I don't frequently turn the screen on.. I never had these issues with my previous Google Pixel phone!


Ron Facciol

I am using the Vgate iCar Pro OBD2 dongle.


Pascal Eisenbeiser

same here - E-Niro - VLinker OBD plug - ABRP app on the smartphone needs to be open before you can see live SOC and speedlimits.



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