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Hey there, I'm using ABRP with this:
vgate iCar PRO OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0, on a MG ZS long range 72 kWh battery. Yesterday I've experienced several annoying issue:
Lag on the track about 3-5 kilometers, and every time I decide to change the road or I don't make a suggested stop, I have tho detach the obd and then connect it again to update the bluetooth data (bluetooth logo became red, and if I don't detach and connect again it doe not go to green agan9. Is it a matter of OBD quality? This is no the most expensive of the list suggested by you, or is it a matter of software...? Thanks.


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This sounds like the OBD connection is lost and does not reconnect. Normally it should reconnect right when a connection is lost. However if you for example have a faulty OBD dongle it could happen that it loses connection and then can't reconnect. Could be something else though. Did you try to unlink and relink the dongle?

If you know someone with another dongle you could try it too, i have some long term experience with maclean mce200 and unicarscan ucsi 2000 and both work very well and reconnect (if they ever lose the connection...) even on long trips.

So when you detach the OBD dongle, do you also restart the app, or do you just keep it running and only replug the dongle? Because that could also mean it is stuck and we can't reconnect.

Hard to say though, so if you see this again you could send us a bug report. Go to settings, scroll down to Support & Feedback, click on the first entry which is contact support / give feedback, click yes in the next step and then send the bug report via a mail client. That will send us some logs from the app running on your phone and it might contain some logs, we could use to find the problem. You have to do it right after it happens though, as we only store a limited amount of logs, so if you wait to long it might be overwritten by some other logs.


Jose Antonio Garcia Fernandez

The ABRP App connects well with the ODB, but after a while it stops updating the SOC and shows a SOC that is not real.
Vehicle : Peugeot e2008
OBD device : Vgate iCar pro BLE 4.0
Smartphone : Xiaomi redmi 7a
Android 12



Hello Jose, I'm connected with iOs but I have the same problem, I'm prone to think that is a matter of obd and probably I will replace this with one of these two: Vgate vLinker MC+ or OBDLink CX . If anyone have tried these out, please post.