Departure time one hour off

Asbjørn Eliassen

Setting departure time will make one hour offset. I set it to 12:00, and calculated route starts at 11:00.
Relevant info. Android(OnePlus 9), Norway, winter time right now.


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Hi Asbjørn
This should be fixed now with newer version of the app. If you had a date efter it changed to summertime that was the issue.


Ron Andersen

I have the same problem on the web version of ABRP. I set the time and date of the trip,, which now shows correctly on the calculated list at the left of the page, but if I press the button at the lower right to obtain a chart, the chart adds one hour to all times enroute.

ABRP should not be second-guessing time zones and daylight saving. The date and time I set is the date and time I want to do the trip.