Charging stations disappeared


I noticed that all the charging stations had disappeared from the map if I was logged in. The only way to get them back was to log out and then refresh the page. If I logged back in, all charging stations disappeared again.

I had to delete my account, create a new one and charging stations appeared again.

How to reproduce the bug:
- Created a new account
- Selected my vehicle, Zero SDS ZF14.4
- Planned a route
- Saved a couple of plans
- Loaded a plan and selected "All plan settings"

After loading a plan with "all plan settings", the chargers disappear. I've removed all cookies and history from the browser, but if I log back in, all chargers disappear. Only way I can recover is to delete the account and create a new one. If this happens during the motorcycle season with a premium account, I can't exactly just delete the account.

Windows 11
Firefox 111.0 64-bit (same result with chrome and edge)


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Hi unas,

It sounds like you're loading a plan where the setting for 'destination chargers display' has been disabled. This can, of course, be enabled again in Settings > Chargers & Networks > Destination chargers display.

Let me know if it doesn't do the trick for you.




That fixed it, thanks