Chargers status not showing

Jose Ramos

So I look at my maps and the only network reporting their live status to the app is EV go. There is a shell recharge, semaconnect and chargepoints around me but none of them show the status on the ABRP app. How do I fix that?? I'm on a pixel 7 with beta ABRP. I have the subscription to the app as well. Any help ty

P.s. i tried including a photo but when i click on the upload it crashes the app 😆. Bugs everywhere today!!


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Hi Jose,

Live status isn't available for all networks, so unless you've seen live status previously for a certain location I'd say it is omitted now because it is not yet supported.

This bug reporting interface is not developed by us, that said there should of course not be bugs. I've tried to replicate the issue but uploading an image when submitting a report seem to work fine.