Chargers and traffic is not updated frequently

Olaf Skarabis

I have planed a 600km trip in the evening and started next morning. In the map the traffic was the same like the day before, no updates. Also the informations about the usage from the chargers was not updated.
Some where full even that they are displayed in the app as empty and and other where some are displayed as used are fully empty.
For me it looks like a update from this data doesn’t work. But live updates from my car with Tronity was working, als internet was OK!
Zoe R135 and Tronity plan with ABRP on Actual IOS wir CarPlay


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Olaf Skarabis

hear a link from this journey.

Thursday was a bank holiday and the day before was a day with a lot of traffic in Germany. I have planed the trip on Wednesday and Inhaber seen all this traffic in the map. I started on Thursday morning 4:00 and on the road was nearly no car up to 11:00 but the map shows all traffic from the day before. Also all the used ports on the chargers looks the same. I was alone on the first 2 stops but it shows up like the day before.

Regarding the chargers I have also one question, why can you not show the status from the next planed charger in the display (CarPlay) if all ports are used I did not need to travel to this chargers.
Also it would be great to see nearby chargers in the map or that you select them easily.
Today i arrived in small city with 4 different charging vendors in round about 800 meters. I have chosen a different one than the planed one. The system has located myself direct by a different chargers but want to route me all the time to planed one. ABRP has a online link with Tronity to my car so it noticed that I have started charging but that has changed nothing.
The app doesn’t tell me how long I should charge or when I am ready to leave.
I do think their is a lot of place for improvements.

Also I have set the minimum chargers numbers to 4 for my trip and the first stop was everytime planned with a 2 ports charger but 4 port chargers are available nearby.
This i do nut fully understand.



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Hi Olaf,

Would you be able to share a link to the plan in question with us? You can generate a link by clicking: share > share ABRP link. Should the plan contain any home / work addresses feel free to replacing them with a nearby location.

Did you see traffic being marked along the route or was the line simply just blue?