CarPlay Not working properly

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CarPlay won‘t work until ABRP will be started on iPhone, which makes the whole experience very bad!
Map with no location service enabled, buttons not showing any text, even after starting on iPhone.


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I have the same issue: Whenever I get into the car (CarPlay wireless btw), I get this screen (see photo). ABRP can be started from within the car, but the map shows Stockholm (where I'm not) and no controls. I cannot start navigation or exit this view. I've given all location permission to the app, even when run in background to test, but to no avail. To make matters worse, I cannot start ABRP manually on the phone in the current iOS version because it detects that I'm driving and refuses to unlock the screen. This would be the feature for me to go premium but it didn't work during my trial period so I didn't pay. If you fix this, please let me know then I'l gladly pay premium to get CarPlay working. But there's also the issue of of broken CarPLay sound (see 2nd bug report)


Thomas Wohlhüter

My configuration: ABRP V4.1.1.14, iPhone 11 Pro iOS 11.2.1

When connecting iPhone to Carplay without that the App is started before, Sweden is shown initially on the CarPlay display.



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Hey, thanks for letting us know. This issue has already been fixed and will be in the next release of the app.