Car connection fails

Bill Wohlgamuth

OBDLink CX plugged into a 2017 Bolt using an iPhone 13 Mini with iOS 15.3.1. Bluetooth connection succeeds but car initialization fails after about a second


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Bill Wohlgamuth

Was able to get this working following a variation on the process here


For anyone else that hits this, I needed to:
1. Turn on the vehicle
2. Plug in adapter
3. Use OBDLink app to initiate connection
4. Disconnect in OBDLink
5. Open ABRP and begin linking workflow
6. As soon as ABRP sees your adapter, tap it to start the connection
7. Switch back to OBDLink and tell it to connect
8. Switch back to ABRP and it should complete the connection..but hang at a “registering” status
9. Force quit OBDLink and then go back into ABRP
10. Registration should complete in about 5 seconds and just connect automatically from then on

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Thanks for your summary of the workaround. We also just fixed some bugs related to BT recently. We still need to verify this on iOS so if you want to participate in testing, let me know and send me a mail to samuel@iternio.com with your apple mail so we can add you to the test track. Hopefully these workarounds should not be necessary anymore in future.