Cannot connect Tesla

Rhead Enion

The iOS app lost my connection to my Tesla.

From the route planner page I can click "Standard" (which is apparently my "vehicle") "Select new car" does nothing. "Edit Settings" takes me to Live Data, but there is no link to Tesla account like there used to be. "Car model" does nothing." "Configuration" leads me to a screen saying I need a premium subscription. On the route planner page, the button to start the route is grayed out. Basically, the entire app no longer works.

The warning "Settings may lead to plans failing" appears, and says it includes a charger type which is not supported by this vehicle." Pushing "Set to" says "fixed" but the warning stays and it still shows me non-Tesla chargers.

There appears to be no way to re-link my Tesla account. I even tried "reset all" and logged back in, still nothing.


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Can you try to kill the app and then try again to connect? We had some issues but they should be solved now.