Android App issues with bad network

Martin Schmiedel

It is understandable that the App will only start with stable Internet connection, but in reality, you will eventually drive through tunnels, cross borders (some time until roaming works fine) or simply drive through areas with bad mobile coverage.

Once this happens, the app will stop working fine, some of the issues I have had in our last trip:

- at some point, the location on the map seems to be behind a few 100m (other apps do not do that, even if running in parallel in the background!)
- rerouting is no longer possible, anything that requires network only works after killing the app, even though other apps on the phone are working fine.

ABRP is only usable if the app can recover from bad connectivity and works again as expected without having to restart.


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Please try the ABRP 5.0 beta available on Play Store - large part of the driving logic has been refreshed and this should work better.