Alternative route with charge stop ignores the traffic jam


ABRP V4.2.12, CarPlay

When ABRP suggests alternative routes, it forgets that there is a traffic jam on the route for alternatives that have a charging stop at the level of the traffic jam.

I drove from east to west, from right to left:

Alternative 3 charges in Denkendorf North before the traffic jam and then drives through the traffic jam.

Alternative 2 first drives through the traffic jam and then charges in Rutesheim for 10 minutes.

Alternative 1 drives off the road before the traffic jam, charges for 5 minutes, and thinks that after 5 minutes the traffic jam would have dissolved when driving back onto the highway.

That would be really nice if traffic jams would dissolve like that. ;)

Please also take into account the existing traffic jam after charging!


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We currently only use real-time traffic for the next hour of driving. Could that match you use here, that after the proposed charge stop, you would be more than one hour from "now"?



Hi Bo

The originally planned charging stop in Denkendorf at Ionity (you can still see a small red dot of the charging point on the right-hand edge of the first screenshot) was still 91km and 52min ahead of us according to the first screenshot.

It is possible that after the proposed charging stop in Filderstadt and the 5min stay there, the 60 minutes for a traffic jam analysis have elapsed.

We were happy that ABRP found a way shorter route, but on closer inspection it turned out that this was a fallacy.

It's good that we didn't turn off there, that would have cost us more time unnecessarily.

The confusing thing was that ABRP suggested a possible branch in alternatives more than an hour before this, although all alternatives used at least 91km and 55min of the same route for now.

Perhaps suggesting alternative routes about 10 minutes beforehand, rather than an hour beforehand, is a suggestion for improvement. A lot can change in an hour.

What do you think about it?



Agree, we should be more cautious on traffic based route changes. We will discuss internally!

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