ABRP New Version - Can't Load Saved Classic Plans

Hugh S Gregory

April 2nd, 2022 at 15:46 GMT. I have a lot of saved plans from my use of Classic NONE of them will load into either Classic or into the New (Hard to use) ABRP Version on my computer or on my Sansumg A8. I have given up on the App, not intuitively easy to use like the old Classic was. Totally frustrating is my experience now every time I try to use ABRP.


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Hi Hugh,

Could you describe what happens when you try to load these plans? Do you get any error message or does the website / app simply never stop loading?


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Hugh S Gregory

Gud'evening Katya, Tues, Apr 26th, 2022 at 18:04 GMT-7
My apologies for the delay in responding, it is Tax Filing season over here and we have been a tad busy. To the matter at hand...
I only use Classic, not the APP. I have given up on the App as a frustrating and very slow experience as I have communicated to Bo by Email.
Here is what happens on my Android (Samsung A8), and my high end desk top and my ASUS laptop.
1... I click on Saved Plans
2... I scroll down to the Save Plan I wish to load.
3... I click on the Saved Plan I want....
4.... It recalculates the last information I input by hand and displays the old Route instead of the one selected.
5... and sometimes Tells me "ABRP is OffLine. Try Reconnecting" when in fact it is connected and just did a set of calculations for another destination.
Bo is aware of this and I know how busy you folks are. I am hoping Classic will be fixed as I always show ABRP Classic off to new EV owners at Show and Shine events as it is one menu and simple to use.
Kindest regards, Hugh-SG