ABRP lost track of the destination twice during my trip

Rand and Carolyn Barthel

I went on a trip from Mendon, MA to Arlington, VA. On the way down I planned my trip and charge stops using ABRP, and relied on ABRP navigation. I included an ODB dongle connected to ABRP so ABRP would have up to date state of charge info. Twice during the trip, after navigating successfully for long periods, ABRP seemed to lose track of the destination and started giving me inappropriate directions to go north instead of south. This led me to revert to Google Maps for navigation. That meant I had to manually look up the addresses of the charging stations ABRP wanted me to use so I could put them into Maps. This was tedious and error-prone.

The car in question was a 2017 Chevy Bolt. I ran ABRP on a Google Pixel 6 and used Android Auto to display the interface on the car's screen. I used a Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+ Bluetooth 4.0 OBD II Scanner dongle to deliver state-of-charge info to ABRP (which worked throughout).

In one case I was watching at the moment the problem happened. The state-of-charge and miles-to-go numbers changed on the screen for no reason, and the voice directions starte to not make sense soon after.


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Hi Rand & Carolyn,

I must say what you're describing does not sound like an issue we've had reported before, thank you for taking the time to describe what happened.

It is not entirely clear what occurred here, could you answer the following;

1. I can see that you seem to share your ABRP account on here, was perhaps someone else using it at the same time as you drove? (It shouldn't change the plan when driving, that should take a whole lot more, but I'd like to rule out any issues caused by other sessions).

2. Was this plan including a roundtrip?

3. When you say that the SoC changed, do you mean the displayed value for the car's current SoC or the arrival SoC?

4. Did you get any message of us changing the plan/routing you to a different charger perhaps?

Lastly, I'd just like to mention that it is possible to export the plan from ABRP and have it opened in Google Maps by clicking: share > open in Google Maps. Though I'm unsure how helpful this is for Android Auto.



Rand and Carolyn Barthel

Hi Katya, thanks for getting back to me. Now that you mention it, we probably did have the ABRP app open on both of our phones at once, and they would both have been logged into the same account. That could be the source of the problem we had.

I can't quite remember all of the circumstances because it was two days ago. At one point I think I was running ABRP on my wife's phone to make sure the app would connect to the account correctly. I'm not sure what happened the second time. After stopping at a charging station, I couldn't figure out how to get the app to resume navigation on the trip from the point where we had stopped, and I tried to get around that by creating a second trip to get me from the "present position" to the destination. I probably did that on my wife's phone while my phone was running the app as well. It sounds likely to me that running on two phones at once connected to the same account would get it confused about which trip it's supposed to be navigating. I guess I'm spoiled by Google Docs' ability to manage multiple users in one document.

I think the next time I will create a second ABRP account for the other device to connect to so it won't disrupt the one that's navigating. Can ABRP share trips to another user, or to Google Maps?

Rand Barthel