ABRP Classic - Route Detaches from Map

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Hugh S Gregory

Gud'morning again Bo and ABRP Team.

Tuesday, Feb 22nd, 2022 at 07:16 (UTC-8) or 16:15 Sweden Time

Second Report - Also for past month plus I have been battling a 2nd bug I called "detached" route.

First I input a route for Classc to calculate.

After it does the route planning, when I magnify (zoom in) to make a close up view the route is not attached to the map.

The "work around" solution I have been using is to Turn Off map and then Turn On map.

Then the route stays attached to the map when I magnify to "zoom in" and look at route at a higher magnification.

Hope this can be resolved, ABRP Classic is still the best route planner out there for an EV.

Kindest regards,



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There were multiple issues with ABRP classic, at least the show stoppers have now been fixed.



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