ABRP adds charge stops too soon.

Space Cadet

I'm headed from Torrance, CA to Balboa Island, CA, then on to our hotel in Laguna woods. I already have a charge stop in Laguna woods, so why is ABRP INSISTANT on adding a charge stop 30 minutes from home, when I'm still 80% charged? First it inserted Long Beach Tesla. When I deleted that one, it replaced it with Fountain Valley Tesla. When I deleted that one it inserted Simi Valley Tesla, then Lakewood Tesla! This thing has me running down my battery chasing 50 miles out of my way when I don't need a charge. Can't this thing take a hint? I have charge stop preferences set to few but long, but it looks like it wants me to stop every 30 minutes, and it won't take "No" for an answer. HELP!


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Hi, can you please share the plan where it happens?