Ability to select Sea Crossing route (English Channel)

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Matthew Nord

I have tried to plan several routes from UK addresses to French addresses, the App selects what it perceives to be the quickest route despite me having a planned ferry crossing. I have tried to add the ferry terminals in as waypoints but the App takes you to the terminal then routes on to a different departure port. See photos. This bug makes it impossible to workout the best charging strategy for the entire trip. Would it be possible to allow the user to select a sea crossing route Ferry/Eurotunnel in either the settings or like a predefined waypoint (with a different start and end point but zero distance) so the entire route can be calculated as a whole rather than in parts.


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Hi Matthew,

If there is a ferry line which isn’t automatically selected and included in the planned route, the planner will have deemed it to take too long and thus excluded it from the plan. You may however manually include it this way:

1. Zoom in on the harbor from which the ferry leaves (or arrives at).

2. Find the correct dashed ferry line. If there are multiple ones, it may help to zoom out or look a bit further out from the harbour to see which one goes towards the correct destination.

3. Place a marker on the line. If you’re using the web version you can do so by right-clicking and if you’re using the mobile app place it by making a long press, anywhere on the line.

4. After a marker is placed you’ll be presented with some options, similar to if you’ve placed a marker on land. Instead of the option ‘add guidepoint’ you’ll be able to ‘add ferry line’ select this.

5. The ferry line has been added to your itinerary, have the planner calculate once more and it’ll be included in your plan.

(Note that some ferry lines may be marked as closed in OpenStreetMap, which we partly base our map information on. If this is the case, the ferry line might still not be included in your plan.)