VW ID4 Crozz pro

Ahmed Jan

This is the Chinese Crozz version of the ID4 that uses an 84.8 KwH Lithium Ternary battery
Advertised range is 550km
Real range is 500km on average
It uses a GBT port for charging


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Hi Ahmed,

Thank you for the suggestion!

To help us build the model, would you please also provide as much of the following information as you can find online (Ordered from most to least important):

- Usable Battery Capacity
- Range (WLTP is preferred)
- Weight
- Dimensions (Height, Width, Length)
- Coefficient of Drag
- Coefficient of Rolling Resistance

We can build a model based on only a partial set of these, but the more data you can provide the better the model will be. For charging, at least some of the following data is needed:

- Peak Charge Power
- Charge Time (including start/end %)
- Plot of Power vs SoC %

A video of a charging session from low to high SoC would also work quite well.



Ahmed Jan

official spec page is here : id.faw-vw.com/#/modelsConfig?vid=33
please make sure to choose "pro" (3rd from top) trim on the page as it shows the base model on opening it

usable capacity is not mentioned anywhere so i assume it is the advertised number of 84.8 kwh
range : 550 km from NEDC/600 km from CLTC
weight : 2130 kg (unconfirmed, cant find any official source)
Dimensions in MM : 4,592×1,852×1,629
Coefficient of drag : 0.28 (identical to euro and US models)
Coefficient of Rolling Resistance : 0.015 (also unconfirmed, didn’t find official numbers)

peak charge power : DC : 100kw/ AC : 7.2kw
0-80% charge time for DC : 45 minutes
i couldn't find any more details as i don't own one yet but ill be happy to provide them once i do

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Ahmed Jan

I forgot to mention that it uses a GBT port which I noticed is missing from the app so please make sure it gets added


Ahmed Jan

I have found out the usable battery capacity is 77kwh
Found this info from the ID6 page on Wikipedia as its only made for the Chinese market at the moment which means it uses the same battery as this one
Also the WLTP range is 522km