Ford Ranger EV 1998

Ed Thorpe

Upgraded to LiFepo4 pack, 70 Kwhr pack, 230ahr @312v nominal, usable range 366v-275v, 6.6Kwhr charging level 2, usable range 180 miles, curb weight 3700 lbs.


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Hi Ed,

Thank you for the suggestion!

To help us build the model, would you please also provide as much of the following information as you can find online (Ordered from most to least important):

- Usable Battery Capacity
- Range (WLTP is preferred)
- Weight
- Dimensions (Height, Width, Length)
- Coefficient of Drag
- Coefficient of Rolling Resistance

We can build a model based on only a partial set of these, but the more data you can provide the better the model will be. For charging, at least some of the following data is needed:

- Peak Charge Power
- Charge Time (including start/end %)
- Plot of Power vs SoC %

A video of a charging session from low to high SoC would also work quite well.